Hello, my name is Somorin Osifeso, Snr., I am an Executive Director for Brand and Business Development at OSIFESO Enterprises Limited.

I have over 35 years of corporate experience in the United States of America with companies like Security Pacific National Bank, Bank of America, Inacom Solutions, Paramount Pictures, Pomeroy, Kaiser Permanente (California) and Baylor Health Care Systems (Texas)  to name just a few. My diverse experience transverses the entertainment, healthcare and computer technology industries.

In retirement from corporate life in the USA, I am now focused on accomplishing my lifelong ambition of creating solution driven businesses in Nigeria with a vision of quality, integrity, and service to the communities in which we operate. One of my other passions is running the Osifeso Foundation at Foundation.Osifeso.Com. You can always reach me directly via email.

Thank you.