Founding Director

OSIFESO Enterprises Limited was founded and is led by Prince Somorin Osifeso, Snr.

Prince Somorin returned to Nigeria after residing in the USA for over three decades. While in the USA, he had a career in the Entertainment, Healthcare and Information Technology industries. His resumé include careers at Paramount Pictures (Hollywood California), Kaiser Permanente Hospital and Bank of America (Los Angeles, California) and Baylor Health Care Systems (Dallas, Texas) to name just a few.

The same governing business principles that he learnt while in the USA working for these Fortune 100 companies is what he is replicating here in his companies in Nigeria.

At OSIFESO Enterprises Limited, and her subsidiaries, you are ensured of 100% competent customer service and that “promises made are promises kept”.

“The guiding principle across all of my brands is integrity, and delivering on promises. I guarantee it.” Prince Somorin Osifeso, Snr.